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The Bloom Affect

We’ve just crossed over the one year anniversary of my sisters Breast Cancer diagnosis. The thing about social media memories, is they pop up and remind us of things, whether we want the reminder or not. And in this case, although it’s still a lump to swallow (no pun intended), it’s also a beautiful reminder of what can bloom from sharing your story.

I would say most of you knew I had sisters. But very few of you knew them personally. And that didn’t matter one bit. What pulls at our hearts, is the story.

(Here is an excerpt of our message on her GoFundme web site) “ If I could paint a picture of the most perfect sisterhood in the world, you would see the three Sampson sister standing side-by-side. Every quote, verse, or book that’s ever been written hardly touches on the depths of our love for each other. It was one of those ‘weird’ quirks our husbands knew upfront what they were singing up for when dating us! We feel extremely blessed by this unbreakable bond. What a gift we have been given to care so deeply for one another. “

When Audrey and I committed to carry our sister Amanda thru her journey, both finically and emotionally, we started by sharing our story. Our story, your story, is what you and I know best. I don’t know medical terms and cancer diagnosis verbiage – but I do know that I love my sister, and I can share that and people can relate to that.

Every single day, with every donation, comment, prayer, message sent, the flower of possibilities began to open. The stories flooded my inbox of your personal testimonies having walked the same path; or knowing the struggle of watching someone close to you walk that path. The petals of hope peeled back from the tightly wrapped bud. As each story petal opened, another heart opened to our cause.

The community that rallied for our sister, a total stranger to most, was like a garden of wild flowers that all bloomed at the same time. Each looked so different but yet here they were in full bloom standing next to each other. By sharing her story, we surpassed our finical fundraising goal. But in the long run, that wasn’t our biggest accomplishment.

What you might already know, is no matter how we try and fight it, our stories have already been written out for us. But what you might not know, is that they aren’t ours to keep. We were made to live in community with others; hurting or happy. Bud or bloom. Our stories were made to be shared so that either we can bloom or someone else can.

You might not even realize how badly your soul needs to share your story. You might not realize how badly someone else needs to hear your story. I encourage you to bloom friends. Today. Share your story & watch the garden the bloom.

#lifelessons #breastcancerawareness #togetherwearebetter

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