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A Styling Trick For You

I am going to start this blog post with one of the most cliché statements, but the truth in it just cannot be denied. The saying goes “If I had a dollar for every time I heard [ fill in the blank], I’d be rich”. For me, that statement would sound something like this; “if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say they have no idea how to pair clothes or what to wear, I’d be rich”. Now when looking for ideas, Pinterest can be your best friend. But it can also make your life so much harder than needed, and I’ll tell you why. Many times, when I would find cute outfits on Pinterest, I would become fixated on finding that EXACT outfit. My rendition of it would never measure up to the initial photo & thus (probably in my mind) not look as cute as I was hoping. I would waste so much time and energy recreating these ‘Pinterest’ moments only to still disapprove of the final outfit.

One day I was in the paint section at a local hardware store (initially I wanted to say Home Depot, but then thought it might also have been Lowe’s – neither of which is important – and such, I digress). Anyhow, I’m checking out paint colors and opening up pamphlets and looking at these beautiful rooms brought to life by coordinating color selections. Rooms that felt rich and full of emotion with emerald green walls and deep plum accents. Or rooms that felt chic and airy with light tones of blue sprinkled with a tiny bit of yellow in places. And in that moment, probably the best idea of all ideas I’ve ever had popped in my mind. “Why don’t I do this with the clothes I already own in my closet?!”

And so I did. I went home and pulled a shirt out and opened my Pinterest app (because remember, it CAN be your best friend) and typed in “Plum color palette” – NOT “Plum Outfit” but simply COLOR PALLET… It was a game changer my friends! This same exact method can be applied to every single thing you own in your closet at this very moment! LIBERATING!

I’ll tell you what I learned summed up really quick: 1. You do not need to go on a mad hunt for a super cute outfit idea you saw on Pinterest. 2. You already own pieces that you’ve most likely never paired together 3. You can pull off ANYTHING when it comes to styling items you already love 4. It’s much cheaper too 😊

So the next time you really love a canary yellow top but think to yourself “I have no idea what I would wear this with”, replace that thought with, “I’m going to search Pinterest for yellow color pallets and see what I love”. You’ll find that yellow can be paired with shades of pink, grey, or some fabulous blues and all options look amazing!

No more wasted time hunting down outfits, no more wasted money on something you wont wear again. You already own it! Go grab a shirt/dress/skirt/whatever out of your closet you’ve been dying to wear and search that color pallet!

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