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Seemingly Small...

I don’t like to leave my bubble. I’m not talking about going on trips to Vegas or Mexico or wherever you jet set to. I’m talking about my day-to-day bubble. It’s rare that I leave this space; both physically, and figuratively. But in January I decided this was going to be my best year yet. I was in a season where I didn’t feel like me, where I had never imagined myself to be, and feeling so yuck about life. I gave myself a little reality slap and said “wake up girl, you’ve got this!”

And like most resolutions, that was really easy to say out loud. But as we all know, living out that promise, is an entirely different thing.

First, I had to determine what that looked like for me. The key word there being ME. What is living MY best year? Not what are my friends doing on their Instagram post, not what are other businesses doing to grow, not what makes my husband and kids most happy… not, not, not any of those things. How is my year going to look for me?

The word GROWTH was stamped on my heart. This is a time I am being called to grow.

If you take anything away from this blog today, let it be this – when something is placed on your heart with total conviction, it may scare you a tiny bit, but let it light a fire in you!

Fast forward seven months later to today. A LOT has happened in seven months. Trust me I’ll be recapping this year in a blog post come December, but for now… let’s talk about today.

Without a shadow of a doubt I have invested daily into my growth. Without a shadow of a doubt I have made a daily choice to live out my best year yet. I want to tell you this truth. That fire inside of me, some days it’s raging and so fulfilling. Then other days, I feel like I can barley fan the flames. But BOTH sides of that, are a part of growing. So I’ll take them both…

I think a lot of times we get really hung up on living out big things, big ideas, big goals, big dreams that we miss how important the day to day steps are. Don’t get me wrong, BIG things are important! But there are a lot of little seemingly small daily things that make a big impact.

So I did something new today. Want to know what it was? You might be a little let down to hear. But if you’re still reading, surely your invested in knowing 😉.

On a whim, I left my bubble.

I tried acupuncture with a dear friend & then we enjoyed lunch.

30 minutes of relaxing needles punctured into my skin, sign me up!

2 hours of conversation with a lifelong friend, sign me up!

Trying something new, sign me up!

Driving outside my bubble to get there, sign me up!

Increasing my experiences, sign me up!

What are YOU signing up for daily? What did you say out loud in January that you’re still committed to today?

Seemingly small. Everyday things. Fanning the flames.

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