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New Year, Same You?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

As we enter into 2020 I’m sure your feed is flooded with dreams & visions & goals. Let me say that is WONDERFUL & you will absolutely see me post mine!

BUT Can I also tell you that I have felt like a failure? As a wife. As a mother. As a business owner. Can I tell you that I have been guilty of running myself AND those around me ragged? Can I tell you that I have pushed myself so far to the edge that I was willing to throw the years I’d worked hard for all away? Can I tell you that I have lived through some painful lessons? And that I have also been the cause of painful lessons? Can I tell you that one of the hardest lessons learned is that I CAN DO ANYTHING but I can’t do everything? Can I tell you that it’s OK to look in the mirror and not like what you see? I will tell you all those things about me, and that it’s ok to feel them about you too. But I will also say to you... You can feel like a failure, but did you really plan for success? You can feel ran ragged, but did you designate your time? You can push all you want, but are you pushing toward your purpose? You can live through all the lessons, but did they change you? You can do anything & everything, but why do it alone? You can not like what you see, but are you willing to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? In 2019 I wasn’t in the headspace to dream but I knew I needed to change. So I started where I could. For the first time ever I picked a word for the year. My word was ‘growth’ & I committed to that with 100% of me. As we close down one chapter & open another, I sure am grateful I did that. Since I’m already being honest with you, I’ll tell you that what I discovered was personal growth looks & feels A.LOT. like the word ‘discipline’ It’s not all spa treatments and sips of wine my friends - but that’s not the point of this post This year, 2020, I am in the place to dream, set goals, and have vision for my future, so I will! But if you’re not there, that’s ok... But will you do yourself a favor and start where you can? Pick a word. Pick a single dream. Pick a song. Pick a theme. Pick something.

But please please please don’t pick being stuck. Don't pick being the same another day.

You have a gift to offer yourself - and to the world quite honestly. In 2020, pick YOU for your dream board. Pick YOU and start there.

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